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Hi. I just wanted to take the doubt out of my mind, so I'm posting this. Is the Darksiders 3 game going to be available to play earlier in GOG with the Deluxe Edition? I know this isn't steam and "play it 24 hours before release" isn't mentioned in the package when you buy the Deluxe Edition, but it might just not mean anything. Is there any further information that anyone can provide regarding this?

Thank you.
Post edited November 23, 2018 by Nanduxz
This is very unlikely; I have the deluxe edition and it says on my shelf that it will be available in 4 days, that is Nov 27, 2018, which is (as far as I know) the official release date.
I know. I just know that out there the possibility exists, GOG doesn't work that way, and I just thought it was a possibility, hence the doubt. Thank you.