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Ok. So i finally beat it, in apocalyptic mode and found out in game just about everything. Some tips to make life easier...

1) Farming weapon expertise.

Not too difficult. Before Silitha's lair, large room with respawning spiders, the tick-like variation. Climbing the growth, getting outside, then right back in, room is full again. Weapons max fairly quickly. Learn the AOE attack on gauntlet. And the AOE attack on scythe. Don't bother maxing Chaoseater, the Armageddon Blade replaces it (and is always maxed).

2) Farming blue souls currency.

Ashlands. Down in the well and climbing back up, spawns two riders per trip. Going down and up like 16 times, you end with 32 enemies. Equip Chaoseater with Death's Blessing, Scythe with the other normal enhancement which gives more souls too, ride in their thick ranks and butcher them. 5000+ per wave.

3) Keeping Abyssal armor for new playthrough.

The armor is bugged. DON'T you ever save your game, after completing it. You need a save game with 9/10 pieces collected. The very second you collect the last piece, deactivate the mask of shadows (so the game won't crush), quit game to title, start a new game, select YES to start with armor on and save your game ONLY inside your new playthrough. Take care to do ALL this WITHOUT quitting game to desktop, either yourself, or by it crushing. To understand if your armor in new game is working as intended and it is not bugged, is threefold: You do slightly more damage to enemies, you receive SIGNIFICANTLY less damage from enemies (even the big, nasty ones) and you keep draining life passively, per hit. Going through apocalyptic with that marvel on was a real breeze...

4) Really easy to miss collectibles.

Overlord artifact. In Ashlands. You have to stop the drill and drop down in underground hole. Not the one you visited first time round, the one to the next tower, needs chain.

Final wrath shard. Needs mask of shadows, in the dry road, room with 3 hanging worms, rope and growth. You see a hook point for the chain, but only with the mask on. Jump, jump, take.

Final Lifestone shard. Easy to miss, in black tower, in second beam rooms sequence.

5) The strange skeleton. Explore every level, taking extra care to reach the faraway, distant map spots. A spellcasting zombie will attack you.