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This is a question for any member of the gog team that comes by here. Do you have access to the source code ? Are extra patches or bugfixes considered ?

I own both games on Steam (with DLCs) but I am tempted to rebuy them on gog
I also hope Nordic can provide some bugfixes and performance improvements. For reference, here are some problems I've noticed:

- Low FPS (at 1080p; even on high end hardware), especially with Ambient Occlusion, Shadow Quality, and AA.
- Ambient Occlusion, Shadow Quality, and AA settings are not remembered.
- Broken Wrath ability quick select (that weird d-pad thing above the minimap). This should work like the one in DS1, where you hold down Caps Lock and press 1-4 to select a Wrath ability.
- That weird d-pad thing that appears above the minimap while using keyboard and mouse.
- Scroll wheel doesn't work in the menus.
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