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Wurzburg is simply the best city in the Holy Roman Empire. Why?

First it is a medium-sized city, thus it offers cheaper rents at the inn. Grind you reputation to 11 (respected) in Wurzburg or use a saint for that, and the rent drops even further. Why stay in a cheap inn? Well, Wurzburg has a university, so you have now a cheap place to study. And now the fun part:

Wurzburg is THE ONLY city in the whole Holy Roman Empire which has the combination of university + blacksmith + armorer!

Which means, if you have those 41 END/41 STR rural commoners/laborers in your party, they all have high-paying jobs in Wurzburg earning 7pf/8pf per day as Armorers/Blacksmiths from the get-go, later rising to 9pf/10pf.

So, three people from you party work, one studies during days, and during nights your whole party fights city bandits. Grind your reputation to 51 (local hero) and rent at the inn gets lower again.

Since you are only fighting city bandits, whose skill/weapon quality remains static, you don't have to invest in your weapons/armor and can use spare money to fund you education. You can easily beat the bandits just wearing leather vitals q10, padded legs q17, small shield q17 and clubs q25, since you beat bandits with your high weapon skill and your high STR.

Basically, if you start anywhere else in the Empire, just make the trek to Wurzburg ASAP by boats and make it your base of operations in Darklands. Just grab q17 small shield and q17 padded legs from Leihaus pawnshop at start and you are ready to go.
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