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Either if you are playing on Linux (like me, Ubuntu 22.10) or windows you can do the following steps to play with mods

1) Put only one mod in the "mod" folder, this mod preferably must be one with no conflict with any of the others that you have in my case i put "beyond mortality" there, it works fine until now)

2) Because in GOG our mod functionality is mostly useless (only is loading the first mod on the list and nothing more) we must put all our mods in the dlc folder, however we must remember that some mods have a load order but, in our GOG version we dont have the mod function working properly so we must solve this using the logic in game

2.1) How we resolve the mod loading order: We must in our dlc folder make an order of all the files, those that we need loaded first must be on the first position, and any other thing must go after, how we do this? Your operative system ordering method; example: i need a mod folder loaded first i put symbols, numbers or letters that will put it first in A-Z ordering method, so a folder which name starts with A will be loaded first in the game that a folder thats starts with B the same applies with numbers, a folder thats start with 0 will be loaded before a folder with 1 so look in which order do you need you mods and make it work accordingly

3)Everything loads correctly but you had some blue string/words/names on some items, heros, places? well put your problem, some screen and the name of the mod and we can make a work around with that

4) I will attach some screenshots of my current gameplay for proof and remember WE ARE THE FLAME!

PD: If you need help with some problem RELATED WITH MODS i can lend a hand and yis, this works for mods from steam
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