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I have been looking for the answer in this forum and elsewhere and have not found it, so I downloaded the game, installed it, did some tests with the scripts on my own... and I have found the solution!.

I hope it can be useful :D

The solution

- Go to the game installation folder
- Edit the file called
- Go to line 26, where the following code is written:

execute_game "${bin32_name}" "${bin64_name}" "${bin_path32}" "${bin_path64}" "${bin_path32}" "${lib_path32}" "${lib_path64}"

- Replace it with this one:

execute_game_with_params "${bin32_name}" "${bin64_name}" "${bin_path32}" "${bin_path64}" "${lib_path32}" "${lib_path64}" "-skipfeflowintro"

- Save the changes

And that's it, goodbye intros!.
Always is good to see some command line tests and solutions from the community. Im going to try so my stress lvl at the start will be less hahahahahaha