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Recently I reinstalled Darkest Dungeon on my laptop through GoG Galaxy and the game keeps crashing. I can get to my save select or at best to the hamlet before it closes on me. I close the summary screen (news menu or whatever) and all my hamlet buildings are white squares and then the game crashes. I've tried to use GoG's "fix game" button several times and have also reinstalled the game onto a different hard drive and it still keeps crashing.
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i was able to play the game yesterday for some hours, but today it keeps crashing when starting through GOG. I tried to repair the files, i uninstalled and reinstalled but i cannot even access any ingame menu ...
I just bought the game recently and it's unplayable, Have win10 / AMD RX580 GPU driver time out before I can even start a new game. Tried reinstalling, windowed mode (when I can get that far before it crashes) updated AMD drivers, Run as admin, allow through the firewall. Frankly doesn't seem that impressive of a game to be so troublesome, certainly not worth even the couple of dollars I've paid just to play IT Tech guy on my own computer for hours. When they stated that the game was a virtual descent into madness, they nailed it. 5/5 stars.
Just finished playing a round on my Windows 10 x64 professional with nvidia graphics driver and it worked fine for me.