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I tried to run the game on Win 7 64. It brings up a black window, and exits to the desktop with Dark Reign as a task on the taskbar. I can just see it brought up a question box when it brought up the window but can't see what it said or get to it, it's disappeared . When I click the task icon, it brings up a black screen, I can hear it playing an intro but it's black, I hit escape and get a screen with messed up colors and menu options. I've gotten to the point it'll start a game, where you can hardly see what's going on. I exited the game.

It's hard to get help on the site - the support page doesn't even list the game in my list of games.

I found this forum and an article that may or may not help, 'Temporary Windows 7 color workaround'. But that article says as the first thing, right click the task bar and pick 'open task manager'; mine doesn't have that, but has 'start task manager'. When I click that, it's the task manager - adn even though the game is exited, and the task ar icon is gone, I noticed there's a process called "DKREIGN.EXE" taking up 25% of CPU!

If I alt tab, there's nothing to do with Dark Reign running, there's no indication it's running, other than this task manager process. I think I have to manually get rid of it, why?
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