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The music seems to be way too loud.

All the options setting are obsolete on top of that... what the flying hell is this program doing to my computer?
Seems to be closing all task while this thing is running.
There is another suggestion in the threads here to use foobar2000 to lower the volume, but it didn't do it enough for me. I used Audacity. Backup the files somewhere then open all the originals in audacity then for each open file do the following:

Press Ctrl-Shift-E (Export File shortcut)
Make sure file type is still OGG etc. Hit OK.
Hit YES to replace the existing file.
For edit metadata either edit or add the following:
Tag Value
replaygain_track_gain -8.00 dB

That was enough of a volume reduction for me, you might wish for more. One caveat.. before trying this I had run the files through the automatic tools in foobar2000 which I guess had added the two replaingain_xxxx fields you see in the screenshot I've attached. I think just the one tag should suffice though I guess you could do exactly what I did and run it through foobar2000 then tweak it down further in audacity.
audacity.png (73 Kb)