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I'm a big fan of Dark Reign series and i'vs bought all series 1, 2 and expansion's CD several years ago?
.. actually more than ten years from now?

I had no problem with extracting audio file from Dark Reign 2
but i couldn't make it with series 1 and expansion
plus.. i lost CDs too

so i was listening what i have found from the.. soundtrack collectors web site?
and YouTube?
but i'm not sure those are the best quality i can get
Dark Reign 1's track 01 has weird.. buzzing sound at it's start and i think the sound is not also clear as if it's from original source

so.. i will really glad and thanks if someone.. has done the ripping sound tracks from Dark Reign 1 and Expansion
and.. share

hope.. i can find some help
and there's.. who still loves Dark Reign series :)
I don't have these games on gog, but aren't they in the installation folder?
Usually they should be .mp3, .ogg or .wav files.