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I'm slightly newbie at RTS genre and I pick this one up after reading bunch of glowing reviews. I play Starcraft 1 a little so I'm okay at it. But it seems to me that I cannot really pass the basic training of Dark Reign, even after multiple attempts, which prompt me to bite my tongue.

I'm really lost because I have no idea what to do and the manual isn't really helpful, either. There's 2 basic training missions that I always suck at. There's one that focus on combat engineering stuff but I always get 'failed mission' sign. Also, I tried to do resource management by tried to locate the SCV type of robot next to water but I still get 'failed mission'.

I have tried to google this one up but I couldn't find any answer at all.

Is there anything that I should do to pass the dang basic training stuff? My tongue kinda hurts after biting it after like 20 'failed mission', you know?

The mechanic in Dark Reign is kinda different from Starcraft 1 so I'm trying to figure out how it works.

Dang it, Jim, I wanna enjoy this game.
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One step at a time now - first in the resource management mission do you manage to build the power generator first and also harvest the tealon it needs to power your base?

If so then you should find it easy to just select the second build unit on the map and build the water launch pad near to the water deposit in the north end of your base. You'll have to follow the given orders exactly as they come to you however to make sure that you don't slip up.
Ahh Dark Reign. I think i first played when i was about 6 or 7.

Wanna know what i did? Watch my Daddy and play Skirmish. Set credits to infinite and Boom! Richter 7.5!

Seriously though, from what i remember, you have to be carefull on the training missions. Do EVERYTHING it tells u to. If you build the wrong buildings, or even build the right building at the wrong time, then game over.

I think i might re-buy this now. I've still got the disc but last time i used it, (if u'll believe this) it must have messed up my registry or something. Whenever i'd go to play Half Life 1 thru steam the dark reign music would start playing through the whole intro segment and beyond. Dangerous old disc. Direct X god knows what.

...anyway, just experiment, it's an ace game!