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BTW...I'm running WIN7 64-Bit. About 6 months ago I purchased DR & the expansion. Worked without an issue as I played maybe three scenarios within the campaign. Today, I decided to give it another try. The opening video was perfect, colors were fine, then I went to play & it kicked me back to the desktop. So a few seconds later...I started-up again & now I'm getting the "color bug" WTF? How could it be fine for me a few months ago & I'm encountering this issue! Plus I wasn't getting the color bug a few minutes before. Makes no sense.

I only thing is maybe the ATI/AMD Radeon driver for my 7870? I updated the new driver today.

UPDATE: This is so strange! Now it's back to normal. Yes...WIN7 64-Bit! I have no clue why. I did use my original DR CD when it asked for it & that did nothing @ 1st. Then I went into the DR directory & used the .exe from there & then I had perfect colors. Makes no sense!
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