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I got this back during the gem deals and am thinking of giving it a go now but I'm still not too experience with RTS so I was wondering how difficult the game is. I also have Ground Control II and Lords of the Realm if anyone would suggest either of those first but Dark Reign looks the most interesting to me. Not that I know a whole a lot about any of them as they were all impluse buys during sales. XD
Harder than Starcraft, more like playing against a real person. not as hard as total anihilation. I cannot fathom how I used to do 3v1 maps against the comp when the starting missions are giving me a run for my money. Oh wait, yes i do, Tachyon Turret walls =P.
I found it a ton harder than Total Annihilation, I still haven't beat it and i've owned the game since 1997 (I asked my mom to buy it for me instead of starcraft because I liked Dark Reign's box art better. No regrets!).

It's really hard, but also a really good game. Try out the mission builder and multiplayer if the campaign is too stiff.