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Hi all,

Writing this to let ya'll know that Dark Reign's global multiplayer community is alive and kicking. Since the passing of (RIP) there has been no community hub, I noticed this and felt compelled to answer the call.

I've set up a discord. I'm distributing all the files (1.7, multiplayer patch) that used to be on before it unexpectedly and suddenly shut down. That website was the heart of the Dark Reign community for ten years and its loss did not go unnoticed. Gone but not forgotten, the community has migrated to Discord and will likely stay there. Although I plan to host a website to replace soon.

I hope to see you all there. I've been posting this link on reddit, anet community forums, here. Anywhere that an old Dark Reign fan might still be lurking about. I've already had a multiplayer game of Dark Reign fans from USA and Italy and it's only been three days. :)
The only thing I don't understand now is darkreign ws was online again since 2013 to 2018. And almost nobody has asked to play multiplayer that time and that it even worked. Most asked why it didn't work.

I'm kind of confused. How does the end of darkreign ws mean more players?
NaniteTank: I'm kind of confused. How does the end of darkreign ws mean more players?
Discord makes things much easier than a message board on an obscure website. Most old RTS games have an accompanying discord like Populous, Netstorm, Command & Conquer, Warcraft 2 etc with thriving communities because it makes it so easy to jump into a lobby and play.

If I made a post on forum asking "Does anyone want to play a round?" there is a chance nobody will check the message board and see that message for a few days or even weeks. If I ask in discord right now at least a few people will see it almost immediately.

So ironically 2018+ is very good time for old (1990's) RTS communities as long as the game clients are compatible with modern Operating Systems.

Voice chat goes a long way to building a community as well. :)
I see. You should make a topic how to play Dark Reign multiplayer. Even if I don't have the time to play, I'd still wonder how you play it online.
Hello again, readers!

I'm bumping this thread with a progress report on the Dark Reign multiplayer community hub, now on discord. We're at 100 members! During weekends there are now games on-demand, there are 27 users online as I am writing this to you now.

Today I played a three way Free For All with users from Scotland and New Zealand, I myself am from Australia. Everything worked perfectly. Yesterday I played three 1v1 matches in a row with another user from New Zealand.

The future is looking very bright for the Dark Reign multiplayer community. We have a dedicated community developer that continues to refine and improve the software. We're using the v1.8.1 community patch and things work flawlessly. We plan to release expanded support for mods and single-player bugfixes soon with a 'v1.8.2' patch.

2019 is going to be a great year, come introduce yourself and play some games of Dark Reign

We're very friendly and willing to teach, you might even recognize some old faces if you were around during Dark Reigns peak! Cya there :)

130 members and growing :^)