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Hi everyone, I thought I'd post about a problem I discovered in the Dark Reign+Expansion combo I got here on GOG and need help with.

As far as I can tell this is the only unworkable problem in the game. What happens is that any of the 4 factions' AI(Freedom Guard, Imperium, Shadow Hand, and Xenite) tend to have problems gathering resources correctly, leading to imbalance on one side of the opponents. Alot of times the AI will gather both Water and Taelon that is further away at the start of the game onward to the end(a very fast end) instead of that which is closest to them.

This problem seems to be most prevalent in the Expansion factions Xenite and Shadow Hand, which never seem to gather resources from anywhere but Water and Taelon somewhere far across the map.

The easiest way to see these problems is to play a skirmish game and watch how the AI messes up.

On every difficulty this happens, with any settings. The game loses fun fast when the enemy AI or AI allies act like lunatics when it comes to gathering resources.

I've been trying to find ways to fix this but so far nothing. If someone could help me with this problem it would be very much appreciated. I hope GOG can fix this.

Thank you. =)
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