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I actually found these old starter exes from dark reign 1.4b. They are from the dark reign ws page.

Download link:

NaniteTank if you're interested in contributing to the continued development and support of Dark Reign I think you should join our discord community, or alternatively the forums at (which is back online now). You will be able to connect with other community developers there.

We've recently released a v1.8.1 community patch with complete replacement exe files. I also wouldn't worry about Dark Reign and compatibility issues because our patch fixes the colour bug under Windows 7 as well as prevents Dark Reign rendering in a stretched out fashion on modern widescreen displays. Our version also includes the music from the Expansion Pack which the GoG release is sadly lacking. It no longer forces explorer.exe to close when you start the game allowing you to alt-tab and multitask without any problems.

I think you'll be relieved to find that Dark Reign won't be going anywhere, anytime soon. The fans will never let Dark Reign die.
Wow, how did that happen?
Post edited December 24, 2018 by NaniteTank