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Hello I share my new Version of Xenite mod.

Short about the mod:
This Xenite mod consists of bug fixes, units, buildings, ai modification and a new story line with 14 missions.

Mod made by me:
www darkreign ws (I was a member XenPhaseTank of that page, page made by Satz)

How to install the Mod (FULL):
If you have Windows 8 and above, make sure that you move the Dark Reign folder to " C:\Games\ ". Otherwise it will cause errors if it's under Program Files!

How to install the Mod (UPDATE):
1. If you have Windows 8 and above, make sure that you move the Dark Reign folder to " C:\Games\ ". Otherwise it will cause errors if it's under Program Files!
2. Go to Dark Reign folder, open "dark" folder and delete "aip" folder!
3. Open "graphics" folder and delete "ALIEN" folder!
4. Open "scenario" folder, then open "FIXED" folder and delte these folders: " FGX1, FGX2, FGX3, FGX4, FGX5, FGX6, FGX7, SH1, SH2, SH3, SH4, SH5, SH6, SH7 "
5. Extract the "dark" folder from the Xenite Mod archive to Dark Reign\ and replace all!
6. Put the "Dark Reign - Evolution of Xenite.exe" to Dark Reign\
7. Install: "DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer" from Microsoft since Windows Vista! Dark Reign does look better if installed.

How to start the game:
If you have an Original Expansion Dark Reign CD, start the "dkreign.exe" (it will also play music).
If you have no Dark Reign Expansion CD or it doesn't work, start the "Dark Reign - Evolution of Xenite.exe" (It won't play music without a CD).
If you have Dark Reign 1.8.1 or GOG, I still recommend to use the "Dark Reign - Evolution of Xenite.exe". (Music will play).
Please note that this exe is unofficial and some antivirus softwares might detect it as a virus. If it does, you will need to set an exception for the dark reign folder in your antivirus.

Changes at Version 1.97C:
Xenite Computer opponent at TechLevel 50 builds now 3 Advanced Biotech Compunds instead of just 2 (Because Ion Tank is only available at TechLevel 90).
Freighter renamed to Harvester
Machine's side respond sounds changed

Changes at Version 1.96C:
Bug fixed some assembly plants had a duplicate shadow model (dark reign ori bug)
Machine side unit respond sounds sound like machine now
Machine side Adv. Cry. Reactor faster building time

Changes at Version 1.95C:
AIP of computer opponents changed. This is a normal mod. The computer opponents will only build a limited number of buildings (prevents game lag etc).

Here I changed rescources from Water and Taelon to Blue Crystalium and Green Crystalium.

Refresh rate of rescources (higher is better):
Crystalium Maker (Xenite building) 20
Blue Crystalium 30
Green Crystalium 40

Short about the story:
The Xenite civilization was destroyed by the Machines. Annoying side which doesn't require any credits to build buildings or construct units. Also all its units can selfrepair.

Big games changes:
*The KI (A.I. or computer opponent) generally is more intelligent and aggressive now. So only by destroying its Headquarters and Construction Rigs, doesn't cripple it anymore! Now it can construct Construction Rigs in every unit facility.
*Construction Rig, Freighter, Headquarters 1 and Water Launch Pad cost generally 0 credits. You can start a mission with 0 credits! Although if you play with Machine side, you want to start a mission at least with 1 credit, otherwise it won't repair its own building. It's a bug and an option (easier to win for example).
*Every side has a Hover Freighter as standard now, which also can overcome every altitude (super hover). It takes 5 loads to get 10000c! Unloading water at the Water Launch Pad is now very quickly (fixes the common bug with the stuck Freighters near the Water Launch Pad). Therefore pumping water takes longer for this.
*Taelon disabled. You cannot harvest any Taelon anymore. I disabled it because this feature confuses the computer oppenents. Like stuck freighters near the Taelon Power Generator and skiped free water springs.
*The computer oppenents don't get any Bonus Credits anymore! They need to use Freighters and they're good at it now!
*4 more terrains available! Aust, Asteroid, Volcanic and Auralien (from Dark Reign 1.7 by Satz). I improved them and fixed a bug.
*Rule which didn't allow you to build buildings near the enemy is removed.

Special Thanks:
Satz, for Dark Reign 1.7

Also check the new Dark Reign website with multiplayer ability!

The old is back online also!

Troubleshooting and Tips:
Should you get an error message at an instant action or multiplayer map like "ignored by expansion player". Load the map with the Construction Kit and place one Constuction Rig somewhere else and click save. This is because some maps include units from an older dk version. Some maps from the internet might include units.txt, build.txt, weapon.txt etc. You will need to delete these files first before you can play this map then. Normaly an instant action or multiplayer map has only 3-4 files: tactics.pcx,, mapname.scn and

Known bug with Windows 10:
You can't save the game anymore. It just crashes. (the error accurs event without any mods). The problem is the 64 bit system, Dark Reign wasn't designed for it.


Evolution of Xenite v1.97C Update for GOG, v1.4, v1.7 and v1.8.1 Dark Reign.

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