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hi guys,

so, when i try to launch the game, a CD message pops up:

if i click yes, the message will simply pop up again.
if i click no, the game will launch, play the intro, and then crash.
this is the error, and exception.log:[/img
this is tactics.log:[/img

any ideas on how to avoid this crash? what could i try?

and what's the deal with the damn CD pop-up..?
will i miss out on content without an original CD? music, or movies, maybe?

this is a clean DR install from gog. nothing has been altered/touched.
Post edited March 22, 2015 by Bucake
I was experiencing the exact same problem. Try this fix if you're using Nvidia G-Sync:

Open Nvidia Control panel and add a new program to customize.
Find DKREIGN.EXE and set "Monitor Technology" and set it to "Fixed Refresh".
Click Apply.

This also applies to Populous - The Beginning and probably a couple others.