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Hello readers!

Writing to inform you that I have created a YouTube channel dedicated to hosting recorded matches held between community members. This is to serve doubly as a community resource but will also draw in new players hopefully.

The channel will be 99% 1v1 games that I spectate and record prior to uploading. However I've also made a community trailer and I plan on creating Multiplayer guides featuring quick builds and tactics. To begin with I've populated the channel with mostly 1v1 games between myself and another prominent community member Kientol - but I have begun adding games played between other community members now too.

So come and check it out!

Don't forget to subscribe if you want to help the multiplayer community grow :^)
I mentioned your channel on mine. I also renamed it.
Post edited January 17, 2019 by NaniteTank
There is a lot of fresh content being regularly uploaded to the channel for anybody interesting watching matches of Dark Reign being played in Multiplayer in 2019