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I cant play Dark Rain, i download it here, but there are no dr2.exe, file as most of the forum topics are abute - what is it i have ? is it Dark Rain 1 or 2? or how dose this work? How do i get pass the "you need the CD" when i try "Single player".

>>> R ye using the ' Downloader ' ? <<<
It has an official build in garantie that game is fully downloaded.
I bought Dark Reign here last week r so. Works great in single mode.
Tip : dont foget to SAVE each time ye log off : otherwise ye can redo the whole shabang. :D

And euhhh : DR + exp and DR 2 r two diffrent packages, so thats easy to know .
Check ye allready bought games shelf ; r c what titles of games r listed in grey ( those will be ye allr bought ones ).
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