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I came back to Dark Reign 2 a couple of weeks ago after years without touching it.
Everything is as I remember (which is great) but for one point: in skirmishes, the AI sucks!!

First I tried 1v1 on brainsick difficulty, and I wiped them out without any difficulty…
I gradually add computer players (all teamed together against me), but the difficulty stay at the same level: none (last game was a 3v1, and I won losing only a handful of units, wiping every opponent one at a time).

I am a Dawn of War player, was a Warcraft 3 one, a Starcraft one… Well, I'm a RTS addict!
But I don't think I play "that" well, I shouldn't be able to win that easily.

I've tried some kind of experiment: I've played twice the same 1v1 skirmish, and it seemed to me the AI was following some kind of pattern, doing the exact same things in the exact same order in both of the games.
If that is the case, I'm not surprised anymore about why it is so easy to crush them…

Any thought about it?
Am I alone in that situation?

Extra question for bonus consideration: Does anyone knows of a mod for a better AI?
(better AI for the computer player, I have no problem with the poor pathfinding in this game)
Doesn't sound right to me, especially as they get an income multiplier on the higher difficulty levels. What version is the game showing in the main menu?
1.3.882.0 (the version from GOG)