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Hi All,

Thanks for joining Dark Light on GOG.
We have recently released patch V1.5.0.3, here is what we have done:

-For keyboard players, you can now remap all keys.

-If you die in an endless pit or trap pits, your dead body will appear at a reachable place near it.

-Reduced doge chance of the faction bosses, so they are comparatively easier to be defeated.

- Overall player balance in later maps, increased player damage resistances.

In Patch V1.5.0.2 we have refined and fixed below things:

-Refined combat, and added warning signs to certain enemies and bosses when they perform strong or range attacks. Added additional animation on late-game bosses before they conduct super attacks.

-Fixed muted default sound.

-Fixed minimized default UI setting.

-Fixed gem smith trading error.

-Reduced ammo drop rate.

-The player can always roll out now during enemies’ execution.

-Added one more reusable health flask upgrade for the player to pick up in a noticeable area.

-Refine platforms for players, boulders in The City of Flesh are climbable

- Increased distance out of boundary Samurai boss in City of Flesh.

-Fixed bug that the player could be locked in the 'emergency signal' quest boss room.

-refined the range enemies behaviours, and reduced their range to attack.

-Changed health capsules healing to 15% of health.

-Reduced number of parasites that the elite snake boss spawns.

Next: We will keep working on improving loading time and New Game+, please stay tuned for future updates.