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* See 1st bug report below *

As there are some single bug problems and I got a collection of bug reports and feature requests,
I think such a thread could be useful for all who want to help improving this game and make it great.
So it could be a place for collecting bugs and for looking about already solved problems (or any introduced
new one) on later versions - if others find that useful, too.

As only forum threads can be edited without a GOG support ticket ... which are currently not worked on,
reviews will have zero chance to be improved upon (they have to be deleted by GOG support to create
a new one - no way to edit a review) and should not be too technical.

This is just the introduction for inviting others to add their bug report or feature requests if they wish so.
So now comes the real one ... ;)

Small Collection of Bug Reports and Feature Requests concerning Linux-Version (GOG), Arcade mode, Version

During coop Player 2 was able to "steal" any extra hearts that Player 1
had from wearing one or more Football Helmets.
As soon as Player 2 used a workbench he gained hearts while Player 1
lost all of his his extra-hearts (3 at the time). However, Player 1
could get them back again by using the workbench.
This could be repeated until Player 2 had a ludicrous amount of hearts
that couldn't even be displayed properly on screen anymore.
This happened during a run. I am not sure if this can happen with the
workshop in the Hub.
=> Screenshot Danger_Scavenger_HeartBug__Screenshot_20210411_190437_sm.jpg

On another occasion (coop) Player 1 used a workbench and gained a heart.
This time it did not remove any hearts from Player 2 and was also
repeatable until the top of the screen was filled with hearts.
I noticed this right after I had bought several Football Helmets for
this character and he got more hearts from them than he should have.

During solo play I noticed that picking up a Sheriffs Hat while having
extra hearts from Football Helmets decreased my hearts. The appearance
(hat) of the character changed and one heart was lost.
On other occasions I have seen a decrease of up to 2 hearts. This only
seems to happen when using highly upgrades Sheriff's Hats (level 3+)
This was unfortunately PERMANENT and affected all playable characters.
Leaving the game did not help. However using "RESET GAME MODE" from
the main menu did - but this also deleted weapons, items and scrap.

When I equip a weapon with 30% attack speed bonus and 3 items with a
similar bonus the game sometimes gives me an insane attack speed.
With +30% from the weapon and 3 times +5% from Sheriff's Hats I would
expect something like +45% but it felt more like 450%. I used a
sniper rifle and it fired as fast as a minigun! Normally I wouldn't
complain about this ;^) but it depletes my ammo way too fast.

When looking through the items or weapons in the workshop menu the game
sometimes "forgets" to scroll the list and the blue frame highlighting
the selected item/weapon moves out of the visible area.

When I changed the games "quality" setting during a coop-run the game
started to show strange graphical glitches whenever we advanced to a
new level. Changing the quality back and forth between "high" and
"ultra" would stop the glitches but only until we entered the next
level. After the next visit to the Hub this was fortunately gone.
=> Screenshot Danger_Scavenger_GraphicsBug_Switching_High_Ultra_Screenshot_20210411_175410_sm.jpg

When starting the game a loading symbol appears briefly in the bottom
right corner. Then the game just displays a black screen. Pressing a
button will continue to the intro sequence but this feels just... odd.

During coop-play one player managed to get "out of bounds" in one of
the secret rooms accessible via hatches. So we had to return to the Hub.
This has so far happened once and in version 2.0.2. I have not been able
to reproduce it yet.

The screen inverting/shaking should be totally switched off - at least by an
option - especially for the coop mode ... it may be reasonable if getting hit
one gets a little confused - i.e. single player mode.
But getting confused if another one is hit is unrealistic and for me annoying ...
thus it should not be done by inverting y coordinates but just not done.

Similarly the motorcycle start: both mount one bike - then nothing happens
(only sound) than both are standing on the roof top and there is only one
motorcycle ... these inconsistencies should be avoided.

The controller buttons used in the workshop are EXTREMELY confusing.
Normally A selects and B cancels but this game uses a weird combination
of bumpers and triggers for equipping and crafting. Even worse the
bumpers used to select and confirm a crafting operation are REVERSED
when I am using a workshop during a run as opposed to the one at the
Hub. And A is used to exit the workbench ... which should be B.
Normally one would move with right stick as done, but select with A
and end with B (exit workshop) - for buying / recycling one could use bumpers,
but triggers really feel strange for a selection as it feels like e.g. recycling can happen
for several items instead of only for one as intended.

It is too easy to accidentally recycle an item in the workshop.
Yes, I am aware that X reverts the last action here but I think there
should be a confirmation required at least for upgraded/modded items.

It would be really nice to have a shared inventory and scrap account in
coop-mode. This would make the game more realistic and fun.
Especially as this is appropriate for real cooperation.
And maybe a way to simply drop items during a run so the other player
can pick them up. Right now it is a bit difficult to get the items and
scrap to the player who actually needs them the most.

The 5 areas of the game need to be played through in one sitting which
usually takes longer than an hour. It would be useful to have an option
to save the progress (any time) and pick up the game again at a later point.
And of cause several save slots would be nice - at least in arcade mode
this should not annoy anyone.

It is strange that the last used weapon is kept in case of death - not the one crafted
(or the started weapon from Hub - which is typically the same). Without ammunition one may
use the 2nd weapon and when killed loosing the important one. In hard mode this would be OK,
but not in Arcade mode when one just wants to have fun. And this game could be fun!

As crafting is an important fun and motivation factor getting this into shape - working intuitively
and without flaws - would be great.

P.S. Sorry for the low-res images attached - a 500k limit per file is not reasonable since 2015
with 4k getting normal. But for the purpose good old FHD will be OK ...
Will be interesting when 8k screens are available ...
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Thanks for such a huge feedback and bug reports!
I have added those bugs to my TODO list and will try to feature all of the fixes in the future patch :)

Regarding some of those issues:

Black screen on start
It was a bug with not proper intro video format. The .mp4 format didn't work on Linux and just made whole screen black. However, it was fixed in the patch.

Screen inverting
It was also a bug - I fixed it in the patch.

Please, check your game's version - it is written in the bottom-right corner in the Pause Menu. If it's not "", try checking for updates.

Screenshake & glitch
There is an option to disable screenshake and the on damage glitch effect - you can toggle those in the Pause menu.

2 players but only 1 motorcycle
That is weird, when playing coop mode there should be 2 motorbikes. Could you describe what steps did you take? Or does it happen all the time, no matter how you enter the coop mode?

After you successfully finish a building and return to the hub, you can select "Save & Quit" option from the Pause Menu. It allows you to take a break and resume your run later on.

Also, I will definitely talk with the team about your suggestions, I do believe those will improve the game!

Thanks for the fast reply.

I am definitely using Version (GOG-Version, Linux, Standalone Installer) and
I still get a black screen when starting the game.
Pressing a key will start an intro sequence showing the characters standing in front of
a large screen listening to the news. But this looks like ingame graphics to me,
not some pre-recorded video.

The options I see in the menu are called "low health warning" and "screenshake".
I had already switched both of them off a while ago and it improved the experience for me.
However, when a player is hurt or a boss shows up, the screen is still flipped upside down briefly.
This is very confusing in coop mode.

The two motorcycles are of course present at the Hub - otherwise coop would be impossible to enter.
But as soon as the players arrive there is just one left.

Also I have since experienced a crash of the game. It happened in coop mode during a stop at the Hub.
Just when both players mounted the bikes to start the next level. The game began loading,
then the screen turned black for a while. When it came back on the scene was unchanged but
the computer was completely unresponsive and needed to be restarted.

I have just played in single player mode and you are right: we have overlooked the "save and quit" option in the hub,
so one can save after completing each building.
I would still prefer to be able to save to one of several slots and load from any used save slot in the Hub, though.

I also checked that in pause mode the version is given as - and with every hit and when boss starts his attack,
the screen is still inverted - and the game starts with a black screen - it is just showing the screen scene after pressing
any button.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for your work!

Thanks for clarifying. I will need to further investigate the issue with inverting screen and the missing/black intro video. Which Linux distro do you have? Because I've seen one Linux user report that those 2 issues were gone in the patch - however it seems that it doesn't work for every distro :)

Also, if the crash happens again, please send me a zipped "Danger Scavenger" folder (it's located in /home/<USERNAME>/.config/unity3d/Star Drifters/Danger Scavenger/). It will help me to pin down the issue. Thanks!
Piotr_Wolk: Thanks for clarifying. I will need to further investigate the issue with inverting screen and the missing/black intro video. Which Linux distro do you have? Because I've seen one Linux user report that those 2 issues were gone in the patch - however it seems that it doesn't work for every distro :)

Also, if the crash happens again, please send me a zipped "Danger Scavenger" folder (it's located in /home/<USERNAME>/.config/unity3d/Star Drifters/Danger Scavenger/). It will help me to pin down the issue. Thanks!
For the 1st part I am using Kubuntu 20.10 STS ('Groovy') and via PPA 5.11.x and Mesa 20.0.x
on AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (Zen2) and AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT (Navi 10/RDNA1).
[I could test on 20.04 LTS and 18.04 LTS, too - but older is not possible due to my graphics card - and the reason
 for me to follow mainline Linux/Mesa - but I don't think that the GNU/Linux distro version makes any difference
 here - it is all Debian and only the latest two LTS and a derived STS.]
My friend experienced same behavior concerning black screen after start as long as no key is pressed and
the inverting screen when hit or boss is approaching while he is using Mint 19 (based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS 'Bionic')
on Intel Core i7-6700 (Skylake) and Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060.
The only difference is he prefers graphics on 'high' and I would use 'ultimate' - and I experienced the graphics
problems when new floor is started but changing to the other choice helped. So I think the problem lies here -
also with the crash. So I thing these graphics problems which was easily triggered may be the hint to a deeper
problem ... and I have never seen that effect before - having more than 200 Unity games.
By the way - is there a recommendation if one wants a stable setting - should 'ultra' details be avoided or should
it be usable. It was extremely fast on my machine - but may have lead to the trouble ...

I have already connected to the second part:
The crash happened once and only on my system - and I am working about 10 hr a day without seeing any problem for several months.
And this crash was a hard one - I could not change to console but hold power off several seconds ... and if I have
to guess I would assume that it is graphics related as stated above ...
I think on my machine it was about 12 hours playing time, on the system of my friend much more ...
But if this crash would happen again (is is at least a rare event), I will make a zipped version of the config.
I am not sure if we will see it - and when this might occur ...
Both system are stable under the used GNU/Linux systems ... so this crash was something really special for us.

On a sidenote: I started with 2.0.1 (45826) and use now (45826) with same config - I don't think that this
is cause any problem - but want to remark that fact.

Hope this helps.
Thanks for the details - I'm working on fixing it :)
Hey, I want to send you a PM, but unfortunately I cannot do that unless I'm on your friends list - so I sent you an invite.

I want to give you an access to the beta branch so that you could test if the bugs you mentioned are gone in the newest version. If they are gone, I'll then publish the official update.
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The new version 2.0.4 (46965) is much better ...
We have not found any new bug.

But some bugs are still there:

   o One thing I forgot to mention is that I really would wish for an option to turn off slow motion
      when the last opponent of a level is defeated and also turning off boss cutscenes to improve
      the flow of the game.

   o Unfortunately, the heart bug (getting more and more hearts when each player
      is visiting the workshop) is still there.

   o Would also be nice if the keys in the workshop could be changed - B should be exit
      and not X which is always selecting something ... and should be consistent during a run and in the hub.

   o And the feature request to have a shared inventory incl. scrap in Coop mode still stands.
      This would make the game more natural and players could really cooperate actively - also in the planning
      phase, not only in action. So this would be a big advantage to have.

P.S.: Sorry for the delay ... I have also just now accepted your invitation ...
Hey JMB9, thanks for the feedback :)

Be sure to check out the update that is currently on our beta branch (it will be made public in a few days).
Password for beta branch is on our Discord server (password is the same both for GOG and Steam).

The patch fixes issues like hearts bug and adds an option to enable/disable the cutscene after destroying last enemy on the current floor.

Regarding the coop inventory, I fixed the bug that wiped out the second Player's inventory after exiting the coop mode. So it's now possible to accumulate lots of cool stuff & scrap for both players
There seems some code instead some text in a leveled item description:

" Bonus Shooting Buddy +4 Level 1:
> Shoots 1 bullet in player's aiming direction.
> ... "
ERISS, thanks for reporting. Did it happen on beta branch? What version of the game was it? (you can see the game's version in the bottom-right corner of the Pause Menu)
Alright, I managed to fix this issue - I've uploaded a new update to the beta branch
Hey Piotr,

many thanks for your work.
Version 2.0.6 is now (26.05.2021) available for Windows ... so next days it will arrive on Linux, too.

As said before, GOG GALAXY client is not available for Linux - and thus beta branch is not accessible for us.
As I am communicating in a ticket with GOG support, I asked if this is still the case and got the info today:
"... the beta branches are still only accessible through GOG GALAXY but many thanks for this feedback
  which I will make sure to pass on to the appropriate department".
But this situation is quite long unchanged - so I would not hold my breath ...

With your new version soon being available on all platforms via offline installer, I am confident that we can soon
check the new version and thus will send feedback about it till end of next week.

Best wishes,
Hey Piotr,

after installing Update 2.0.6 from the GOG Offline Installer I deleted the configuration directory
to start a completely fresh game.
(Under Linux: "~/.config/unity3d/Star\ Drifters/Danger\ Scavenger/")

Then I played through arcade-mode in one sitting and experienced no problems whatsoever.
But after leaving and restarting the game I wanted to continue with the accumulated weapons and items.
This is precisely when the following bugs appeared again for me.

   o My character had more hearts than he should have and the number increased further,
      whenever I used a workshop during a run.
      I played as "Professor", so with his 3 hearts and 3 "Football Helmets" crafted into various items he should
      have had 6 hearts (12 health). But he had 9 hearts instead.

   o The ammo capacity was not what is should be but some weird uneven number.
      Whenever I picked up additional ammo, the game displayed "+0 Energy" instead of "Max Energy".
      (I had various "Ammo Stash" items crafted into other items.)

I assume this is still the following issue you described in your last changelog:
"Fixed issue with adding item bonuses after loading the game (it resulted in wrong additional health bonuses etc.)"

I can confirm that this happens when loading a game as I did not encounter any problems when playing through
the entire campaign without exiting the game.
Only after I left the game and restarted it, the bugs were back.

On a positive note, the option to disable the disable the slow-mo cutscene after destroying the final opponent
greatly improves the flow of the game. Many thanks for that!

So in arcade-mode it is a lot of fun playing - especially in local Co-op mode.

Thanks a lot for your work!

Best wishes,