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Is the soundtrack included in the enhanced edition the same, full (3 album, with FLAC) soundtrack included in the soundtrack DLC? Or is it limited in some way (not including enhanced edition ST, or only MP3 as listed)?
I just purchased the enhanced edition and it has 1870mb worth of flac so I'm fairly sure it is the full thing. For some reason GOG will often say Soundtrack (MP3) on enhanced editions, but I've purchased a few of these where the soundtrack DLC claims to have flac and the enhanced editions have all had flac, so I think it is just a bug in how they present it.

There is also a 6mb soundtrack DLC, I'm not sure what if anything that does. I recall seeing another game that had this at one point and it went away later saying it was a mistake, so it might just be an oddity of the build system. Or maybe there is a "buy the soundtrack" note that it removes :/. It seems the Linux version does not have that extra download.
Post edited January 06, 2021 by joveian