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I've got to the Daikatana's chamber in the vault, destroyed the brains and successfully killed the two Psyclaws that spawn. This is supposed to trigger a cinematic, but, well, it just doesn't. Ever. I've replayed through the level several times and followed video guides as closely as I can, but nothing I do triggers the cinematic. Anybody else come across this problem?
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Are you using the Daikatana 1.3 Project with the GOG version? If not I highly recommend it, as it does fix a log of bugs that are still in the game and makes the game a lot more enjoyable in general.


Make sure you download the latest 64-bit slim version installer and also the pak5/pak6.pak files. Install the patch, paste both .pak files into the Daikatana/Data/ folder and then try the game again.
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