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It's probably because it is a relatively long VN. It's not that long ago that DC III went on sale here, and lots of people do not have much free time (family, work and so on). I personally have just ended all routes in Da Capo 2 (yes I also have ended DC I a while ago too), and just started this one. So I am afraid I can not (yet) give you an answer, sorry.
According to the visual novel database (VNDB) Da Capo 3 has an estimated amount length of 50 hours. You can find more details regarding the game by visiting this website

Also if your interested, there is a way to uncensored the game into +18 version. Just watch this video how its done.

Overall its a very nice game if you have the time to really commit to it and complete some of the routes.

lastly if you want to reach the true ending without the hassle, here is a walkthrough I that found. hope it helps you find true happiness!!!
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