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It appears several Cyberware passives doesn't work anymore. Playing on patch 1.5 Hotfix 1.

Like the Bioplastic Blood Vessels - it's supposed to regenerate health over time out of combat, but it doesn't do anything.
And I know this one worked just fine on the 1.31 patch.
Vizera: Gig: Trevor's last ride is still bugged.
The corpse does not spawn, or spawns underground or in a wall etc.
With the new changes this does not only break this mission, but all the follow up missions from Dakota aswell.
cielaqu: It's best to save outside fence, quickly go to freezers, and if the body is below water, reload.
Yup, nothing works. Cannot continue with Dakota gigs.
Guys, patch 1.52 and it still doesn't work. Laaame :(