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Awsome guys.

I knew it was in those files but hadn't figured out to change all the "KI_F".

So, after setting up the keybinds I could in the game, here's what I did using notepad++. (To both files as stated above)

I replaced all "IK_F" with "IK_End" (because this key is not used)

Then I replaced all "IK_MiddleMouse" with "IK_F"

Then finally I replaced all the "IK_End" from step 1 with "IK_MiddleMouse"

This swapped the middle mouse and the F key for everything they are used for in the game.
Any coding genius out there to make a quick program to allow for an easy automatic change of these hardcoded binding to anything wished by the user?

Pretty please, choombas... :)
Same here.

I use EDSF for everything since quake, first thing I do with a new game is rebind, but getting continual "Bind Failed" messages when you try and bind F to anything.

The message does not make it clear that the reason is that F is reserved for interact, only worked that out when I came here.

EDIT: good job, solution posted in thread while I was writing a post - at least it's not as bad as some games where the UI bindings are baked into the scaleform files.

EDIT2: beware there are lots of settings in inputUserMappings.xml which are paired left and right or in and out functions bound to either Q and E, or A and D. You'll want to change all these to W and R and S and F respectively if you're using ESDF

Also in some cases the UI won't update to respect your new keybindings e.g. I have W and R rotating my char in the char designer, but the UI still says to use Q and E to rotate. But in other places (e.g. main menu options) the UI has updated to show I rebound A and D to S and F to move between menu options.

EDIT3: Mouse buttons beyond the first three are IK_Mouse4, IK_Mouse5 etc
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Yes this is so annoying. Also here lefty playing around arrow keys. Have to try the solution with the hardcoded f key but please someone make a rebind tool or even better, the devs should really fix this.

It's 2020 and we can't rebind keys? Even back then with Doom or Quake it was a common function. ^^
I have another keymapping issue - accidental dodges. It would be nice to have dedicated dodge key (maybe shared with sprint), because accidental dodges ruined my stealth and cover numerous times.
Thanks for this thread and the instructions! Shame on the developers to hardwire F to interact. I also play FPS before WASD was even invented and since remapping was possible in games (Duke3D or Quake 1, can‘t say for sure) I always use ESDF.