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I just installed CyberPunk and in game my esc key and tab key dont do anything but move my cursor up or down. which means I cant access menus or leave menus lol. Can anyone help please?
I have the same issue...
Getting the same issue! Kinda annoying since i get stuck in menus and have to force quit.
I am having the same exact problem. I am unable to play the game because of this. I cannot exit any menus and I cannot bring up the scanner or whatever so I can't get past that part in the beginning of the game.

Has anyone resolved the issue of ESC and Tab not working in game?

It also just moves my cursor up and down and the button it says to press changes to a controller style button. Its weird.
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So I just had this problem. ESC would just make my arrow cursor break away and leave the in game cursor behind, and holding down ESC would just cycle through my background windows. Tab did about the same, as well. When I shut down Cyberpunk, I realized that ESC was still doing that thing and I also couldn't type into Discord.

I opened up task manager, found the Windows Explorer application, and restarted it. That seemed to fix the issue? Granted, I didn't do it with Cyberpunk still open.