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The review for Cyberia which is titled "More 1994 tech demo than actual game."

It says:

"...what this game did do well for 1994 was the pre-rendered CG. I remember when we first saw the pre-rendered CG sequences our mouths dropped open in awe, but then we soon realized the actual game was much, much uglier. We dreamed of a day actual realtime gameplay would look like those CG sequences. Now those scenes are laughable compared to what we have today."

There is only one level of graphics in Cyberia, and it's all pre-rendered. There is no difference between pre-rendered sequences and the playable game, because the entire game is pre-rendered, and the level of graphics quality doesn't change from the intro movie, to the final cut-scene. It sounds like this person never played Cyberia, and just wanted to write a fictional review for it, I guess after watching the Game Informer Super Replay mockery of the game, and thinking they could be part of the joke, too, if they band-wagoned on GI's completely artificial sentiment.

I guess Game Dis-Informer strikes again.

The part of the review talking about how computers from 1989 couldn't run a 1994 game is absurd, too.
There's another review of a dude bashing it and the first thing he does is link his YouTube channel to his video dissing the game. That review should be removed from the site because clearly he is just trying to freely promote his crappy YouTube channel