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I was ecstatic to see Cyberia on GOG for the Mac... until I downloaded it and tried to play it. When you get to the part of the game in your TF-22 fighter, the game is uncontrollably useless.

The joystick (I'm using the Logitech's USB XBox-like gamepad) moves the cursor around WAY too fast - as in, you so much as look at the joystick, and cursor is off the screen in a flash. Using the in-game calibration doesn't fix this at all. (However, attempting to calibrate the joystick causes right-channel audio to be muted for some reason.)

The game doesn't respond to many of the keyboard commands in the manual. For example - again in the TF-22 missions - the left Shift key is supposed to toggle the controls between "airplane" (down moves the cursor up, up moves down) and "arcade" (down is down, up is up), but it doesn't. The right Shift key is supposed to cycle through different cursor speeds, but again no joy. However, SOME keys work, e.g. Escape brings up the in-game menu.

All GOG could suggest is to delete and re-install, and change the installation location. I've done this, and also reset the in-game data, but no luck.

What's going on? IS this emulator broken on the Mac?
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I kept mashing keyboard keys (really, just started pressing each letter one at a time), and lo and behold, I at least was able to get the controls switched out of "airplane" style. I can ALMOST succeed at the TF-22 missions now.