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We got a 5.1 MB update today. Update notes as of posting are from March of this year. But the notes are posted on Steam. I'll post them here for your convenience:

Version 1.04 - Hidden Easter Egg Challenge
Greetings Easter Egg Hunters and Completionists!
We have a glorious challenge for you! In the latest update, Cyber Shadow has had 3 new Easter Eggs hidden in-game. Uncovering all three will unlock a special in-game skill worthy of a true ninja master! The first player to collect all 3 Easter Eggs and obtain the secret in-game skill will receive the glory of having their name or alias immortalized in the credits of Cyber Shadow!

To help guide players to the Easter Eggs, we’ll be releasing 3 hints (1 hint per Easter Egg) each week for 5 weeks! Only YOU can unlock the secrets to each Easter Egg! The path to Easter Egg hunting glory awaits!

For more information on this challenge, visit:

Version 1.04

[Fix] - Localization fixes for various languages
[Fix] - More fixes for some textures when CRT Bad Wires was enabled
[Fix] - No more dash-slashing through L-Gion’s remains
[Fix] - Delete Data cursor should now properly appear as a skull in all situations
[Fix] - You can now Dash Slash to your heart’s content in the final Monkey Dojo room
[Fix] - Grabbing SP upgrade before killing Hopper bot created an invisible collision block
[Fix] - Quickly shifting between elements of the save menu had a small chance of remaining on-screen when loading a save
[Fix] - Pausing the menu at a specific frame while dying caused the pause menu to linger on-screen
[Fix] - Chapter 1 - L-GION dialog had a chance of being activated prematurely before landing
[Fix] - Chapter 2 - Elevator music now properly resets and loops after dying
[Fix] - Chapter 2 - Trash compactors and Disposal Barriers are no longer Air Strikeable/Dash slashable
[Fix] - Chapter 3 - Service pod SFX no longer interrupt laser beam SFX
[Fix] - Chapter 4 - Some art tile improvements for background artwork and player-ability sorting
[Fix] - Chapter 6 - Spikes with missing hurt box now do damage as intended
[Fix] - Chapter 8 - Apparitor had a chance of causing the player HUD to disappear
[Fix] - Chapter 8 - Dialog prompt could sometimes appear mispositioned in some circumstances
[Improvement] - amiibo fairies now last longer! (Nintendo Switch only)
[Improvement] - Chapter 7 - completion no longer indicated as “unknown” - text changed for better clarification
[Improvement] - Chapter 7 - Cyber Drive room - Better pit visibility
[Improvement] - Chapter 8 - Difficulty reduced
[Improvement] - 0 SP shuriken has been added
[Improvement] - Wall Slide and wall jumping timings improved
[Improvement] - Uninstall icon for Windows builds now have a proper icon
[Improvement] - Fast skip for dialog now added - Hold Sprint + Attack to skip
[Improvement] - General camera movement/placement improvements
[Improvement] - General stability improvements
[Improvement] - Added R1 Dash description to Gear Menu
[Improvement] - Can now Dash Slash after Air Strike
[???] - 3 Hidden Eggs
[???] - Secret In-Game Skill



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