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One: I had two choices to pick for an expedition, one was an arctic region and the other was dry lands or something. I picked dry lands but it still put me in the arctic region.

Two: I bartered for a heal from a shaman and he said he needed something else for the extra ingredient needed to heal my trek member, after the initial trade, so I traded a second time and it just kicked me from the menu. The items were gone and no healing occurred, lol.

Also: Is it normal to receive cooked meat from natives? Every now and then when I enter a village there's three cooked meats with no explanation. And while in the desert an event popped up that said: "while resting I waited for James Sterling to stop coughing up blood on the pristine snow," or something like that.

Side note: Thanks for the awesome game! This is probably one of the few games I regard as a modern classic, really it's awesome!
Post edited March 29, 2017 by Flesh420.613