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Ok so, I seem to have somewhat gotten the hang of the game. But I have found an annoying bug. At the end screen the text for what happens afterward always hangs off the right even fullscreen at 1080p so you cant really read it. Its a small gripe, but its there which is annoying. I wish GOG would allow for a review to be edited. As it is now once you make it, it is set in stone.

All in all a pretty enjoyable game. I would LOVE to see an expansion for this. We need more, bigger, longer, more surprises. More of everything you did in this game. I would pay full price again for the expansion, because the game really is great and charming. When I walked into the dark with a no eye dice roll, i had to do a double take. We need more, its too good not to make it bigger and better with a hefty expansion. The ground work is laid, an expansion would make it one of those rare indie gems everyone must own.

I also need to reach out to GOG about resetting my review for the game. Because I was playing it badly, with one of the hardest people to start with "no donkey". It is still a tad repetitive, but an expansion adding loads of new good and bad events "we need good ones pretty badly" and whatnot to the game. Gosh, someone could go on and on about the potential for an expansion for this game.
Post edited October 25, 2016 by Magic_Of_Light
On my system unlocking new adventurer results in a popup with some garbage instead of adventurer name -- looks like some resource wasn't found. English version.