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I don't PC game at all So any help would be appreciated.

I've been playing cuphead and between play sessions, I just close my Laptop and let it go to sleep. When I want to play again I just open it up and it usually loads and starts up just fine. Today, I opened my laptop and the game was running very slow and choppy so I tried to close the game but it was so slow I just turned the whole computer off.

When I logged back into the game my saved file was gone! Here is the thing though, I started a new game and immediatley quit but I'm worried it saved over my old file.

Is there anyway to get it back or did I just corrupt my save file beyond repair. I'm using windows 7, 64-bit I think, and it's about a six year old laptop. If you need to know specs of the laptop I will need to know how to look them up because I haven't used a PC in a long time.

Thanks so much! I hope I can get the save file back because I was about haltway through
The save files are stored in


Copy and paste the above line into the address line of your file browser and you can find them. If not, you need to unhide system files and folders first (search for a guide, I cannot post links here).

To avoid a loss of your game progress in the future you should regularly backup the save files. However, since your save was already overwritten, I don't see a chance to recover it :(
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