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Hello all!
I recently tried playing Cultures Northland in multiplayer together with a friend. It all worked fine, except there was no way to make the music work. For some reason the "DirectMusic" option is greyed out in the sound menu, and only "CD Audio" is available. Naturally, using CD Audio is not possible, as the version on GOG comes without a CD.
The music in this game and the way it dynamically adjusts to different situations has always been a huge part of the gameplay to me, and to me personally, the multiplayer is barely enjoyable without it.
I can think of two possible fixes to this. Either a patch (which I do not think exists), or simply mounting an .iso image of the Northlands CD before playing. The latter would be extremely simple to do, but requires GOG to distribute the .iso image as an extra download, so I am not sure whether we can get our hopes up about that. I do not think there is any other way to legally obtain the .iso image otherwise.
Are there any workarounds to this or does anyone happen to know where it might be possible to legally acquire an .iso image of the CD? Thanks in advance!
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