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So yeah i have read that you need to press the | button or the i button to increase the games speed but the problem is no mater what i press nothing happen. I even tried to change the layout of the keyboard to other languages and still nothing work.

I tried shift + (all keys), ctrl + (all keys), and the normal keys for both english and swedish keyboard layouts... Anyone know what key it is? Do i need to hold it down (yeah i have tried that also by the way). Or is the speed increase so small that you dont notice it?

Thanks for any help!

Edit: Nevermind after i restarted the game it wroked thanks anyway.
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I know you fixed it yourself, but there was also another way to increase the game speed. There is a little "clock" if I remember right on the game toolbar. If you click on it, it'll also increase the game speed.


I always use the toolbars for stuff, I never was good at using shortcuts. I remember using that one a few times.
After a bit of trial & error, I've found out that pressing the L button on the keyboard increases the speed up a notch for the first game in the series(maybe 2x ?).

You can see if the input was correct if a pair of walking legs is shown on the middle left most side of the screen just above the multitude of options column (I guess L stands for legs in this case).

However, I've only managed to activate a single speed level, I really don't know if Cultures 1 supports further speed levels.
There is a cheat in cultures 1 called "funspeedup". You can activate this by opening a menu like the main menu, during a mission and typing the letters f-u-n-s-p-e-e-d-u-p. In that order. This should enable turbo mode for that session. You can then change that speed back to normal by pressing the "L" key. The "L" key should let you then scroll through all three speeds for that session. When you load a new game or go back to the campain select screen, you will have to unlock turbo speed again if you want it.

Cultures 2, 3, and 4 don't have this problem.