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I recently got cultures & cultures 2 on GOG.

I've got a problem in one of the tutorial mission.
I need to gather 20 unit of gold in my mainly warehouse but I don't succed to put them in this building.
The production site is far from this mainly warehouse and the gold are stored in other warehouses...

So I would like to know how can I do to transfer these gold unit in my main warehouses to end up this mission.

This question / problem has been solved by Kadlinimage
You use Merchants to transfer goods between warehouses. Have a Carrier work until they level up to a Carrier. Then the Merchant job will be available to you. Make that Carrier a Merchant.

With a Merchant, you can transfer good between your own warehouses, and also to trade with the warehouses of other tribes you find.
Ok!, thank you for your answer, I will try that next time I'll play the game :)
How do you get the merchants to favour the transfer of specific goods?

My main settlement produces all the food, while my sub-settlement is a ways off, and people there are starving, as there's no food in their own supply tent
With C1 I found that you can set minimum stock and requested stock per item in each warehouse, and that requesting stock will make the merchant transport it, if it's available in the other location that merchant is tied to.

sometimes you may need chains of merchants, or merchants to separate warehouses to get the effect wanted