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Hello people,
These games seem interesting, but I was wondering, is there any "sandbox" mode, or are you limited to the campaign only?
Because for my part, I'm more attracted by the community/city management/building part, and have little interest in campaigns in that type of game.
Hi Alnar,

All four of the games have a number of 'free play' missions: some that don't have a goal, so purely sandbox, and some that you can play that way by simply ignoring the goal. Also, there are 'co-op training' missions you can use as sandbox, the same goes for the tutorials (though sometimes they are limited in what you can build). And usualy the first, and sometimes the second too, of the missions in the campaigns can easily be used as sandbox.
Furthermore, there are usermaps that are sandbox. Look for instance on, select EN for 'sprache' (unless you understand German too) and 'Bummelbauer' for Genre.
Hope you'll have fun with Cultures!
Thank you for the info,
Alnar: Thank you for the info,
You're welcome.
You'll probably also like missions like 'The relief campaign' in 8th Wonder of the World and most of the trading missions (Genre 'Handel' on those often involve logistics like: in order to obtain certain goods you'll have to trade with faction A and B, but to produce the goods they want in return you'll have to trade with faction C and D to get the necessary raw materials. And if overseas trade is involved, it really takes management to build and sent ships.