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Just want to inform the developers that version 2020.10.e.2. (Perpetual Edition) have an issue with script.
Game doesn't start by executing script.

After investigation I found that script points to wrong executable which used for starting the game. It attempts to run "CS.x86" but actual game executable is named CS.x86_64.

Game itself runs fine, it's just a script issue.

Good catch. I haven't played Cultist Simulator in a while, but these kinda dev slip-ups aren't uncommon -- certainly a useful post for the less savvy *nix users here.

chmod +x *
...seriously? ;)
Post edited November 07, 2020 by xixas
I can confirm that this remains true in 2020.11.a.1, and that this is a regression from 2020.9.n.5.
This last 'update' has ruined lots in the game.

Notice the money bug?
Notice that your mentor is always J.N. Sinbrone, cult of the grail, when starting any exulated run?
Issue still exists as of 2021.1.b.2. Fixing still solves it.
still a issue.