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Changelogs added 01 August 2019 - Part I:

- Welcome to Cultist Simulator. Follow us at, and at @factoryweather on Twitter, to learn about upcoming updates and other projects in the Secret Histories setting. If you find a bug or the game is crashing on you, do let us know at .
- PS: Chinese localisation coming this year.

thank you!
Lottie, Alexis, Claire, Hannah and Marc


- All detective rivals can now be recruited!
- We have a modding framework! (a now-official version of Lyrositor's Frangiclave Mod Manager).
- Quality of life changes - automatically combine card stacks + new accessibility option for reading cards.
- Painting now penalises selling out. If you sell a lot of paintings using Reputation, you'll need to focus on quality work for a while to avoid going stale.
- Research mechanics have been upgraded. They now make use of variant HQs and involve more strategy, less grind, and less luck.

Full recent patch notes:

v2018.10.a.1: 'Ardour'

- Followers are now romanceable (not all followers in all circumstances)
- Extremely minimal Rivals implementation
- various smol fixes and content tweaks

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

v2018.10.b.1: 'Bitterness'

- Much richer Rivals implementation. Rivals will conduct expeditions and attempt to ascend in your place. Set traps for them and whittle down their health. Treat them with caution, and hope they'll come back around to your side. Or feed Notoriety to the Suppression Bureau in the hope they'll pursue your Rivals instead.
- a larger number of highly specialised victories, and a new loss
- fixed bug where cult formation wasn't giving HQs

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

v2018.10.d.1: 'Detection'

- Nasty ascension bug fixed
- Skills rework: Passion, Reason and Health are now all capped
- ...but much easier to get, with the 'Lesson Learnt' mechanic.
- A small surprise.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

v2018.10.e.1: 'Elegance'

- bug fixes to Skills/stats
- Corpses and Risen now retain additional aspects from life; so e.g. Winter-scarred corpses are easier to raise and more powerful
- Risen can now be renewed to keep them active longer
- nother book
- a surprise

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

v2018.10.f.1: 'Ferocity'

- filled in some missing art
- fixed soft-greedy-grab bug that sometimes made the player accidentally bin off their ain true love
- some things are unique-r (eg: it should never be possible to have concurrent different versions of the same follower)
- some Dancer fixes and clues
- a small surprise

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

v2018.10.g.1: 'Gravitas'

- Fleeting Memories can be used again to address Fascination (not sure when that broke)
- Defeating Fascination gives Lantern influence, defeating Despair gives Winter influence
- round-up of bug fixes and typos/contumps
- The tiniest of surprises

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

v2018.10.h.1: 'Hope'

- When a detective defeats an independent troublemaker, a new troublemaker will appear. The struggle is real.
- Detectives will have more temptations to resist if they burn the first file.
- When Disciples or Exalted followers rebel, they become more powerful Rivals/Long in the making immediately.
- Dammit Fraser stay in the credits
- Tristan ending image shows up
- Laidlaw romance not intermittently in second person
- Cheevos now trigger correctly for exalts, and also won't try to trigger more than once per card
- Elridge doesn't lose his lust: power when promoted to an Assassin
- Jealousy only triggers when romantic interest exists

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

v2018.10.i.1: 'Janus'

- Visions and Despair now give a visible and audible warning when they reach 2 F or D
- Guises in Dancer now give a small advantage on the relevant expedition
- Guises are mutually unique
- Passion and Reason textbooks now work with the Lessons Learnt system

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

v2018.10.k.4: 'Kronos'

- Major change to influences; they can now be harvested and upgraded in a whole bunch of combinations, and they decay slowly. This is an intended change that didn't quite make it into Teresa's Update. [Note: it makes Heart ascension significantly easier.]
- Creeping Breath Curse icon now displays correctly
- Curses can now be defeated, although not easily.
- Tweaks and bumps to Mansus rewards - in particular, there are now a couple of extra ways to get Heart influence.
- Romance: Uses of Strength no longer lets you put any old rubbish in the slot
- Now that Lantern and Winter influence turn into Fascination and Dread, Fascination and Dread no longer give Lantern and Winter influence when defeated.
- Inductions (those transient thirty-second verbs that sawn Restlessness, Vitality, Dread, etc) no longer spawn new inductions in their turn.
- Spawn chance of inductions slightly reduced.
- Attempting a Heart or Moth ascension, and then turning aside to be with your beloved, will now trigger the correct ending.
- A special case of a secret victory will now trigger correctly. You'll know it if you've seen it.
- Fixed a bug where it was possible to skip a step on the route to that secret victory.
- Final Dancer job upgrade now requires Grace specialisation for Health skill.
- Fixed missing text for the final Dancer job upgrade.
- Added an additional Dancer hint.
- Added a side-effect from use of Glassfinger Toxin.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Stacks of unique items are no longer a thing.
- Detectives can now be captured again.
- Typos
- Fixed a backwards compatibility issue with skill upgrading in the pre-Teresa builds.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Stability improvements
- infrastructure work to support localisation
- typos

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Pawns now correctly show up as Troublemakers in Detective legacies.
- Burgeoning and Shattered Risen will endure for twice as long.
- The Bone Flute can now be given to Followers.
- Ctrl + ' also now brings up the console, as an alternative to Ctrl + `. Sorry, Italian keyboard users and others!
- Clarified some hint text.
- Typo fixes

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Corpses when raised will never fight to break control.
- Corpses when raised with a missing Follower aspect due to wounds will have Follower restored.
- Defeating Fascination with Fleeting Memory never creates a Consciousness of Radiance.
- Moth and Heart endings now correctly signal upcoming endingness.
- Permanent card elimination now occurs when a deck's list of standard cards, not current cards, contains a unique card or uniqueness group member card. Excited yet? Okay, this means that if you draw a book from a deck that reshuffles, it's now permanently eliminated from that deck, so you can't get multiple Viennese Conundra-a from Ecdysis.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Major Expeditions rework to reduce midgame grind, including six new Expeditions. Expeditions now give fixed, more thematically suitable, and usually more impressive, rewards. Default expeditions give you a chance to scoop up books from any Expeditions consumed by Rivals, and also can be repeated to gain Ingredients. (If you're in mid-game when this patch hits, it might mean you get some items twice on your current playthrough: call it a bonus.)
- Fixed a rare issue where it was still sometimes possible to put a stack of >1 card in a slot (if you swapped out one card of that type for a stack of identical cards)
- Fixed an even rarer issue where saving the game with two funds in unstarted Expedition slots would leave you with only 1 Funds on reloading.
- 30% of the time, failing to use a Favour to save a Follower would leave you under suspicion instead. This should no longer happen.
- Removed Bloodshed, for now.
- Reduced Fleeting Reminiscence duration to make it more Fleeting. It'll get more fleeting still, but I didn't want to cause too much unexpected pain when this hit the main branch.
- Rite of the Sea's Marriage is now Rite of the Crow's Quenching.
- You shouldn't see two Detective legacies
- Loads of enhancements to debug console
- Extremely alpha implementation of the first Major Victory. Currently, it's only possible to pursue a Forge apostle legacy (by completing the Forge/Power minor victory) and there is only a very limited implementation of just one of the immortal enemies you'll face. But it should give you an idea of what's coming. :) [This is unavailable in the main branch.]
- Lessons Learnt now decay to their antecedents. (Thanks for the feedback on this! It should always have been thus, really)
- Added a couple of Dancer hints
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Changelogs added 01 August 2019 - Part II:

v2019.1.i.1: Illopoly

- Apostle legacies now in game! After you've completed a minor victory, try to complete your predecessor's ascension. Note: thanks to some very powerful interference these are much harder.
- escaped summonings now bite
- Grail auction no longer won without funds
- Grail auction never won cheap
- Ready for Apostle lift-off
- Forlorn Blood sickness no longer snags wounded followers
- Can't found two cults
- Watchers added by Long should now work as intended
- High Contrast option in settings
- Summonings now usually leave a residue when destroyed- Special characters should now be possible when naming your character. I mean special characters like " and %, not like Enid. However, you can call your character Enid, if you like.
- You can now close verb windows with a keystroke (Escape by default). I'm sorry we didn't do this before. It's my fault. I don't know what I was thinking.
- Ezeem, Crucible and Teresa are now rather more effectively unique.
- Forlorn Blood may now kill you.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- fixed a case where the Apostle update broke the Dancer legacy on Steam
- which also fixed the Enigmatic Square White Legacy bug
- game now recognises when you try to betray a mentor, but just can't quit them
- sundry typo fixes and minor bugfixes. Thanks to everyone who reported them!

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- added experimental dropzone to allow you to direct cards somewhere specific
- Stag Door entry proofed against an odd bug
- various summoning fixes
- greedy-grab runs a little faster to help with situations where you're about to die from lack of health and it turns up with v little time to spare
- Collect-All now sends Mansus cards to dropzone, not to initiating location
- cards which were stacked when added to a recipe can now go into a different stack if their origin stack has disappeared.
- Keyboard scroll more responsive
- High contrast mode persisted between loads
- game over music respects volume, now
- fixed misleading text
- perf optimisations

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- It's now possible to repair a sabotaged Dawnbreaker Core. Sorry about that.
- Summons now markedly less voracious.
- Fixed an infuriatingly subtle bug where Time would start passing very late when you play as a Bright Young Thing.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Initial HQ implementation. They'll have some additional effects when the new Research mechanic lands.
- Backwards-compatibility tweak to allow access to the new HQs for existing saves.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Research mechanics have changed significantly (and may change further).
- Secret headquarters sometimes consume Reputation.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Opium can now cause health complications.
- Certain spirits will now protect against sickness.
- Certain other spirits will consume Passion and Reason... and under rare circumstances, you might choose to let them do so.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Fixed Research mechanic bugs - particularly an issue where challenges weren't reset after a Lore fragment was upgraded.
- There is now an additional means of restoring Decrepitude.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Fixed incorrect lore result from Ezeem.
- Fixed dual cults bug (AGAIN!).
- Working with Health should now always spawn the Time verb.
- Recipe outputs should now separate out stacks of decaying items to avoid some related bugs.
- Element and aspect details windows can now be closed by clicking anywhere else if a situation window isn't open.
- Certain identical notification messages (e.g. "Can't merge cards") will no longer stack.
- Fixed "The Lesser Crossroads" not being unique.
- Fixed certain legacy-specific items getting passed down to the Bright Young Thing.
- Ensure high-level Edge abduction attempts have a penalty for failure.
- Fixed Victor sometimes morphing into Valciane.
- Fixed Dartmen ignoring fatigue as a valid target when attacking the player.
- It is no longer possible to start a recipe while dragging any token to prevent certain recipe bugs.
- Fixed painting not always correctly accounting for the level of Passion.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Fixed some issues related to stacking mutated cards.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Added some additional safeguards around saving and loading.
- The game will now remain paused when leaving the Mansus.
- Fixed being able to repeatedly burn the Burning Bureau File.
- Fixed being able to Talk about the dropzone.
- Added a verb icon for fallen expedition members.
- Fixed being able to obtain translatable books twice.
- Reworked spirit summoning to prevent issues with summoned assistants turning on their master.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Added a new accessibility option in the Options menu to orthogonally project a bigger version of a card on hover.
- Fixed a save corruption issue that would occur when the season of ambitions triggered.
- Fixed some cards occasionally disappearing from the table.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- MODDING! The core functionality of the Frangiclave Mod Manager has been integrated into the game. You can now manage mods from the new Transfigurations menu.
- Fixed failed auctions always taking one fund away.
- New text for the description of The Book of the Extinguished Heart.
- Echidna now acknowledges when she's eating a rival of yours.
- All followers, summoned or not, are now kicked out immediately before a Long moves to direct confrontation. This prevents sneaking them, especially spirits, straight in for a surprise attack.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Added new Staleness mechanic for painting.
- Fixed some rite hint text unexpectedly showing up when using a certain Apostle item.
- Internal research elements will no longer show up on completion.
- Fixed incorrect summoning text showing up when a spirit tried to escape.
- Added a button for automatically combining card stacks.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- All detective rivals can now be recruited to your cult. Until now, only Douglas could be swayed.
- Added a list of installed DLC to the main menu.
- Changed the behaviour of the stacking button to make affected card stacks briefly glow white.
- Fixed the mod enable/disable button not changing text correctly.
- Fixed slots sometimes not highlighting after restarting the game.
- Fixed the Splendour influence not decaying.
- Fixed the new card accessibility option revealing the back of cards that haven't yet been flipped over.
- Fixed a couple of Knock lore fragments having too many challenges.
- Fixed Knock subversion sometimes failing to subvert the right lore.
- Fixed wounded followers being able to die twice thanks to the Season of Sickness.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Fixed the Detective being able to obtain a second Temptation.
- Fixed an issue with the Steam integration.
- Fixed Risens being able to receive any number of scars.
- Fixed several typos in Priest and Ghoul.
- Added some missing verb and aspect images.
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Changelogs added 01 August 2019 - Part III:


- The element and aspect detail windows will now stay open while the mouse is hovering over them.
- Fixed insight sometimes leaking out when painting.
- Added an icon for newrival.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Fixed restarts leading to incorrect values of your previous character's run (such as last cult, last cultist, etc.).
- Fixed rivals being able to soft-lock Ghoul.
- A variant Winter cult can now be founded when playing Ghoul.
- The Ghoul legacy is now potentially available from any ending, not just Despair.
- Added an image for the Creeping Breath curse's verb.
- Fixed being able to simultaneously obtain multiple Ecdysis contracts.
- Reduced blurriness in images loaded through mods.
- Fixed Ghoul's hunger being able to go negative.
- De Horis's printer has been named.
- Fixed sometimes being able to slot stacks in a recipe slot.
- Starting recipes with [S] while holding a card is possible once more, so long as the card being held wasn't slotted into the verb window.
- Fixed many, many typos.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Fixed incorrect cult foundation text for the standard Winter cult.
- Fixed occasional issue with studying lore.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- Fixed Notoriety from decayed, wounded corpses being treated as wounded followers.
- Fixed Glover & Glover superiors sometimes unexpectedly returning to life after the player's demotion.
- Fixed an issue with reloading games which could prevent some recipes from running.
- Fixed old Ghoul saves (from before the hunger fix) preserving their negative hunger values. Hunger will be reset to 1 when the Season of Ambitions rolls around.
- Fixed poisoned Mansus Ways not always triggering their traps in Apostle legacies.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~


- The game will now try to save in the background where possible, which should nearly eliminate the auto-save stutter.

Standalone installers for both Cultist Simulator and Cultist Simulator: The Ghoul updated to 2019.8.a.1.
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Changelog for Patch 2019.8.c.1 (added 28 August 2019):

- Added DLC purchase links to the main menu when applicable.

Standalone installer, and that of all its DLC, updated ( 2019.8.a.1 ⇒ 2019.8.c.1): 29 August 2019.
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Changelog for Patch 2019.9.a.1 (added 02 October 2019):

- Cultist Simulator is now available in Chinese! You can switch your chosen language from the main menu.
- Fixed influence upgrading/subverting sometimes consuming lore.
- Fixed various typos.

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Changelog for Patch 2019.9.b.1 (added 02 October 2019):

- Aspect details windows will now grow with the text as necessary.
- Switching languages during a game session will now correctly adjust the timers' appearance.
- Adjusted a few text labels' restrictions in preparation for further localisation work.
- Added a small note to the language selector.

Standalone installers updated: 2019.8.c.1 ⇒ 2019.10.a.1 (no changelog yet).