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Hello all - this is the dev.

We wanted to let you know that we're putting out regular beta builds on the 'gateofhorn' beta branch before we release to all users. If you'd like to see new features and bug fixes sooner, you can opt in here:

More | Settings | Beta Channels On | 'gateofhorn' from the Channels dropdown

*This is a less stable branch than the main one - you may encounter more bugs.*

Do please let us know any issues at

Thank you!
There's a blue dot on Cultist Sim in my games display, today. Usually means/(used to mean?) that there is a new version available. Or at least, something new to download. I see that there is no GOG downloader patch available. Does this mean that the current GOG downloader install is a new one?
alcaray: There's a blue dot...
Copied over from the Steam "Patch notes!" thread.

(most recent first)

Posted: 2018-08-30

(NOTE: There was an additional warning posted stating 2018.8.b.1 is bugged. A fix was released the following day, August 31, as 2018.8.b.2, the version number on the prior post was updated, and the warning was removed. The fixed version has not arrived on GOG as of this posting.)

- nasty bug where closing a window *just as a card reaches a slot* destroyed the card is now fixed. Huge thanks to Chris P for fixing this fecker,
and to everyone who's sent detailed bug reports. Or any bug reports including mad chalk scrawlings, honestly
- Double-clicking a card in the Mansus should no longer destroy it
- Funds should now return to stack from expedition results
- Cards should no longer be placed beneath other cards by Collect All
- Sound volume slider fixed AGAIN. FINALLY. It turns out it worked in the Unity editor but not the built version
- Content and typo fixes; Unity version upgrade

Posted: 2018-07-27


- bug fixes for double-click issues, savegame issues, sound issues

Posted: 2018-07-13


- shift-click to drag a stack of cards
- double-click to assign a card to a slot

Those of you with Perpetual Edition should now also see the Perpetual Edition badge on the menu screen. :)

Posted: 2018-07-02


- Unique items should now be unique even after the deck has refreshed.
- You shouldn't see a Troublemaker and Acquaintance version of a potential cultist appear in the same run.


- Restarting should now always just start from the beginning of your current Legacy.
- Weary Detective is not unique, again, this week.
- Lots of message oddities tidied up
- Unfairly teasing recruitment text no longer appears for Patrons
- Legacy image for Detective no longer shows sometimes as Lantern. (You may still get a Detective choice twice in rare circs.)

Posted: 2018-06-18


- Tidied up hints and promotion recipes to make it clearer which followers can be Exalted.
- Tenacious Detectives *were* surviving too often in some circumstances - there was a mistake in the proc chance. Sorry, folks. Fixed.
- Fixed *lots* of issues with escaped summonings
- Zoom, Collect All, Start Recipe hotkeys now configurable
- Collect All no longer breaks if you've just picked up one of the things you're collecting
- Splash screen should display more reliably on odd video setups
- achievements work again on Linux
- open save file location now works on major Linux distros
- force invariant culture to fix Linux save file issues (thanks Fraser McCormick for these)
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