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I'm attempting to get 100 followers, or as may as I can cram into the game before it sets itself ablaze.

I'm currently at 64ish and sometimes my followers just Don't spawn in when I finish a crusade.
Leveling up followers is a task in patience as I hunt down and try to talk to one person within the swarm around the town center

Finishing a ritual sometimes softlocks the game.

And building things and adding new villages has a good Moment as the game considers the army I have created.

So if you want a good experience playing this game I'd recommend Not going over like 30-40 followers

So far i'm buying Followers as often as I can from the Spider guy, and going on crusades ofc, reviving dead followers, taking on missions from my followers to accept followers.

I want to know though, is there a way to extend the lifespan of villagers? Or get better odds with missionaries? I find the odds very.. Odd with missionaries as I'll have a level 11 that has like 70ish percent and Level 2 that has 81 percent.
My following has grown to 76.
Saving, loading the village and switching to a new day and to night always lags for awhile before continuing.

The cooking minigame often jumps and gets laggy and i end up burning part of what i'm cooking. Thank god for the feast ritual
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I've reached 100 followers and can note that after the recent update the game is Significantly less laggy.
The skull necklace double the lifespan of followers. (an already given necklace can't be replaced or removed)
Missionaries odds percentages up (even if remains a bit random) by leveling up followers' loyalty : This is a guess, as my best percentages are my oldest followers, kept for over than 300 days, and you can see that thoose who never leveled up yet have very low percentages.