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Changelog of Crystal Caves HD

# JMB: Please note that I made the 1st Apogee HD Changelog for Monster Bash (3rd Apogee HD title) - so I am late
#           about changlog for this game being the 1st Apogee HD title.
#           Note that this comes even later than for 2nd Apogee HD title which I did in between.


Release: Crystal Caves HD
15.10.2020 15:00 CET

The classic underground world of treasures and traps awaits your discovery! Crystal Caves HD is now available
DRM-free on GOG.COM. Become Mylo Steamwitz, a space traveler and miner, as he enters a cave after cave of adventure,
gathering treasures and evading countless dangerous hazards.

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Unity (HD version): announced for Linux and Windows.

See also:
   o Emberheart Games - small indie game development studio.
   o Apogee Entertainment - the original indie publisher.
   o Discord for Bug reporting etc.
   o Small Overview on Apogee HD titles.


See Update logs for Crystal Caves HD 1.0.3.


See Update logs for Crystal Caves HD 1.0.4.


Crystal Caves HD now on Linux
Linux support is here together with v1.0.5 update which adds new toys for level creators
Type: News
Posted: Fri, November 6, 2020 @ 12:54 AM CET

Linux users rejoice, Crystal Caves HD is now available for Linux OS! Join hundreds of other players on the race
for the top spot on the leaderboards or get creative and design your dream adventure in an ever-growing level editor.

Next to the Linux release, Version 1.0.5 is also featuring new level editor tile pieces and new object variations.

   o Snake & Spring monsters ignored starting direction set in the level editor.
   o In level editor save dialog, input was filled with random letters on start.

   o Double-eyed miniboss fire ratio increased slightly.

   o New tiles:
      -- Lava fall
      -- Steel hanging block
      -- Bottom part and platform for grass & rock hills
      -- Middle pieces for red and blue metal hanging blocks
      -- Apogee Software sign
      -- More
   o Turrets can now be rotated in all directions, not just horizontally (moving turrets included).
   o Fire pipes can now be turned upside down.

Small fixes & updates that were done between versions.
   o [FIX ]Missing fruit spawns on E1L15 (glass block maze).
   o [FIX] One fruit pickup was not reachable in E1L14 (grey background, grey blocks).
   o [FIX] Missing 2 bonus eggs on E4L10.

If you want to hang around fellow Crystal Cavers and level creators, join our Discord channel!

See a full changelog here for the past updates.

If you have a bug to report, please do it here in the Bug Reports section. Some bugs take time to fix
but we are doing our best!

See you around and keep mining!

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See Update logs for Crystal Caves HD 1.1.0.


Minor Patch v1.1.0.1
Fixing some bugs and performance
Type: Small Update / Patch Notes
Posted: Thu, December 3, 2020 @ 2:39 PM CET

This minor patch is fixing some of the bugs that were terrorizing Mylo and should improve performance on some levels.
Thank you for bringing up the issues!

   o White pixel appearing on blue doors after opening them
   o Wrong color tint of the left log cap tile
   o Under some circumstances, rocket won't break the egg and will fly through it.
   o Issue when destroying double-eyed miniboss with powerups (power rocket / red mushroom).
   o That could result in more bugs, like where the stop sign doesn't disappear after being triggered.

   o Improved performance on some levels.

As always, if you find an issue, please report it in Bug Reports section or directly to me on Discord.

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Update 1.1.1 - Up to the Sky
New features for the level creators and amazing 400 custom levels milestone reached!
Posted: Sun, February 14, 2021 @ 11:43 PM CET
Type: Regular Update

Level creators rejoice, take Mylo up to the clouds with new toys at your disposal.
Clouds, desert terrain, air blowers, and more!

At the same time, I would like to announce that the game passed a big milestone - there are now over 400 custom levels
made thanks to passionate level creators. That's 100 amazing maps done every month since the release of the game and
7x the amount of levels in all 4 episodes together.

If you haven't played custom levels yet I encourage you to do so and maybe try yourself at level creation
while you're at it, we are always happy to play new levels!

   o New level editor toys to play with:
   o New object - Air Blower - pushes Mylo away from it (can be turned on/off with switches)
   o New object - Dark Platforms (platforms visible only in darkness)
   o New terrain - Desert (Yellow)
   o New tiles - Clouds (can be walked on), wooden box vertical middle pieces, single alien vine tiles,
      and diagonal decorative metal pieces!

   o New sound added for breaking the egg with the Power shot (like in the original game)

   o Fixed Fruit Diet achievement typo
   o In low gravity levels, the player was pushed in the wrong direction if you fired before making a move
   o Key HUD icon displayed over other HUD elements on specific resolutions
   o If you hit the hidden crystal block and exited the level before points were added, the points were lost
   o Water pipe water leaking through toggling platforms
   o In the Workshop level browser, the download arrow stayed if you switched the page/filter before downloading ended.
   o Issue where 2-eyed mini-boss always moved to the right, regardless of the level editor settings.

Considering the huge amount of levels created, the next update will focus on the in-game Workshop levels browser.
New levels push older ones down which hardly get any attention over time. We want to give equal attention to all levels
so we will be updating the level browser to spice everything up.

If you want to hang around other Crystal Caves players, brag, need help with a level editor, or want to share
your creations, join our Discord channel. There is always someone around.

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Minor Update v1.1.1.2
Posted: Mon, February 15, 2021 @ 11:52 AM CET
Type: Small Update / Patch Notes

   o Falling through the platform when walking over the Dark Platform
   o Dark Platforms visible when the light switch is not placed
   o Stray pixel on gray terrain

   o When Mylo's head explodes after blowing up the Air Tank, blood splatter will be spawned
      in its place like in the original.

# Source:


Minor Update v1.1.1.3

   o (Level Editor) Clouds can be placed as an object which you can place over background tiles.

   o When hitting the Stop sign, the following objects will also stop moving now:
      - Enemy projectiles
      - Vacuum Tube
      - Air Blower

   o Stray white pixel in Gray Terrain removed

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Update v1.1.2 - Twibbles are here!

Year is around and we hope your adventures in the Altarian star system are going well.

This community have shown more love for custom content that we could ever expect (almost 600 custom levels!!!) and
for that, we are releasing few extra toys to play with in level editor and one special item - Twibble Spawner!
Get those spawners going and populate your levels with happy Twibbles.

Next to that, we also added a new type of crystals which are now used in Episode 4.

New level editor toys
   o Twibble Spawner - spawns Twibbles that will hop around your levels.
   o Togglable Block - solid blocks that can be toggled on/off by switches
   o Yellow doors & levers
   o New background
   o 15 new tiles (water glass pipes, crystal props, yellow hanging steel grids ...)
   o New type of crystal to place

We can't wait to see what you come up with using all these cool stuff!

Happy holidays and Happy New Year!

# Source:

GOG Offline Installer (20.12.2021 20:30 CET):
   o Lin: (45040) => 1.1.2 (52338)
   o Win: (450??) => 1.1.2 (52337)

# JMB: The game engine was slightly updated: Unity 2019.3.15f1 => 2019.4.19f1,
#           so all three Apogee HD titles are using the same version now.

GOG Offline Installer (21.12.2021 02:15 CET):
   o Lin:  1.1.2 (52338) => (52342)
   o Win: 1.1.2 (52337) => (52341)
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Update v1.1.3 - Hotfix and Random Terrain Generation for level creators
Type: Small Update / Patch Notes
Posted: Fri, August 19, 2022 @ 11:07 AM CEST

Level creators, enjoy bunch of new quality of live additions to the level editor.

Hey Crystal Cavers!

Thanks to a fantastic community of level creators, we now have over 700 custom levels made?
That's almost one new level every third day since the last year, which is simply impressive.
Hardcore, casual, puzzle, funny, weird, tribute levels, I'm sure you will find something that
you will enjoy, or simply play them all, and you're good for a while!

This hot-fix/update is fixing a very old bug that has been pesting new level creators since day one,
and it is adding even more tools for level creators.

   o If you created a level after playing a studio level, you could lose your custom level by testing it
      and finishing it. This would replace your creation with an empty map.

New in Level Editor
   o Random Terrain generation
      Are you having problems coming up with a level layout idea? Sweat no more!
      Use the new Random Terrain generation feature to generate random terrain using a random theme.
   o Grid
      o Long requested feature is finally here. The grid will show you the center lines of the levels
      so you can plan and split levels easily without counting tiles.
   o Zoom levels
      Want to see the whole map while designing it? Press TAB and change zoom levels.
   o Copy tiles
      You can now speed up your level design process by copying tiles by right-clicking on them.

It's time to get digging!

# Source:

GOG Offline Installer (19.08.2022 16:30 CET):
   o Lin: (52342) => 1.1.3 (58139)
   o Win: (52341) => 1.1.3 (58137)
Update 1.1.4 - Get spooked and enjoy new random custom level filter
Spooktober unlocked, random custom level browser and new level editor toys
For the last two years, Halloween festive content was unlocked late in October and lasted around one week or two weeks. We decided to unlock it earlier this month, and from now on, it will be unlocked on October 1st.


Halloween Theme is now unlocked with October 1st

Don't forget that you can always disable festive content in the game settings.
Random Custom Level browser

With such a huge amount of custom levels, older levels hardly get any attention because it takes a while to scroll so far. That's why we added the Random Pick filter in the Workshop level browser. Every game session, 14 random levels will be picked for you to play.
New Dark Terrain and Torches added to level editor

Do you feel like creating a new, dark, spooky level? I hope these will help you to achieve that mood.


After returning to the main menu from the custom level, the level browser will correctly display levels now

If you are new to level creation or not, feel free to create a Halloween-themed custom level, and we'll add it to the Spookfest level collection. As a player, you are welcome to subscribe to the collection and enjoy some spooky levels this October

Happy Spooktober!

Update v1.1.5 - Winter Festivities
Enter the festive season with new enemy, traps and over 40 new construction blocks
With an upcoming Christmas Advent Calendar event, I'm sure some of you are dying to start working on your new maps while others are waiting to play them. For this occasion, we added new toys, but most importantly, we added our first new enemy to the game - Crystalpede!

New Level Editor toys

New Enemy -
This is a new type of big enemy that acts similar to the caterpillar enemy except that it travels in all directions and it fires toward you if you cross its path.
New Trap -
Boulder Spawner spawns a boulder that travels in one direction until it hits the wall.
New Bonus Pickup -
Miner's Dew
Over 40 new construction blocks

- Extensions to existing ones
- Red pipes
- Animated floors
- More, check them out!

Level Editor updates

Level Theme setting

You can now set what (holiday) theme is your custom level using by default. That means that even if the holiday is not active, the level will still use holiday-themed content.
NOTE: Disable festive content
setting will disable the themed content is toggled.

Random Terrain Generator updated

- Noise threshold lowered to avoid very noisy generations
- Generator can now produce island-type terrain (instead of holes in the big mass)

Light Switch toggle option

You can now toggle the light switch ON by default so the level will start with the lights on. |
NOTE: Last placed switch decides the default state


In the Christmas season, falling boulders will be covered in snow.

I'm sure level creators, as well as players, will find these additions refreshing!

The Christmas Advent Calendar event is perfect for new mappers as well as for those who haven't done a level in a while. Reserve your date today and start shaping your Christmas Crystal Cave!

We can't wait to play your Christmas Themed levels.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Tue, December 20
Minor Patch

Small Red Pipe tiles collision issues fixed
Few new tiles
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