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low rated
Don't get me wrong, I love Crystal Caves. One of many games I grew up with,
Still I think $6 is too much for it.
$5.99 is a fair price. If the game is not worth that price to you, wait for it to be a dollar and some change on sale.

There are always complaints about the price of every game released that is not 1-2 dollars (thanks to Steam's sales devaluing games for customers), at which point people will complain the game should be free (which is what people think all old games should be, sadly).

Edit: The last sale had a lot of the $5.99 games on sale for ~$1.20. There should be a sale this winter, so throw the game up on your wishlist and wait for then. Hopefully we see it go on sale. :)
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This has nothing to do with Steam. I prefer GOG.
Ghostbreed: This has nothing to do with Steam. I prefer GOG.
Well, I am speaking more in a general sense, not you in particular. Price is kind of subjective, and really the $5.99 price point is cheap enough for me to not really worry about wanting GOG to shave off a measly 2 or 3 dollars. You'd save more than that during a sale anyway.
3D Realms website sells the game for $7.06 AUD (I think that's about $6.50 USD).

$5.99 on GOG is significantly cheaper. If anything, GOG is undercutting the developer. Sucks to be 3DRealms right now.
Price is fair and game is excellent. Thank you GOG!
beardworldorder: Sucks to be 3DRealms right now.
It has sucked to be them for a while now tho.
I think it is priced fairly. I don't see why this would be question.

I bought it because I want more 3D realms stuff here and its a fun game
Not overpriced. Personally I would pay GOG even $20 for this game, just for re-visting one of the games which I've experienced during my childhood. Plus, never forget that GOG only releases games which work under Win7/8, so you pay them for the game plus the compatibility.
I don't agree; in fact, I'm thrilled it's on GoG at such a reasonable rate!
Game works with 360 PAD on Win10. This is worth the price.