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I just purchased Crysis 1 as part of the recent sale and played for a couple of hours.

A few days later, I have tried to play again, but the game will not launch at all. I have tried all the .exe files in both the Bin32 and Bin64 directories, including running as administrator and in compatibility mode for win 32/64.

My laptop specs are: CPU Intel I7 4710MQ 2.5ghz, Geforce 860m, 8gb ram, Windows 10. I had the game running on high settings with a stable high framerate when I first played it, so I'm sure the hardware is not an issue.

I also tried deleting all saved data/profiles from the My Games folder, but it still would not work.

Any suggestions would be great., thanks.
1.try to reinstall the game and delete all profiles, it helped me to remove the permanent crashes.
2.set launch options to -dx9 or -dx10 (you can choose it in more----->game setting------>add command arguments near the game button in gog client).
3.start the game manually from the folder (bin64---->crysis.exe)
4.create a shortcut and run it