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Hey all, I started on a simple graphic replacement mod, well I thought it was simple but since I'm not very good with pixel art it will take me a while.

Anyway last time I was playing, the borders on the menus (with the skulls) for some reason screamed for me to make them into roses and thorny vines. So I did! Right now that's the only change, but I'm looking at other UI stuff to see what might fit with it. I think it looks pretty nice right now, so try it out please, won't change anything significant in your game but could be a nice surprise next time you go to the menu. :)

(sorry about the FIRST! I thought it was funny)

-and I'm an idiot, forgot the link! :P

Just in case anyone is unsure how to install, download and unzip to the mods folder so you have the folder named Rosethorn UI then gui. After that just select it from the menu and you should see it active right away.
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Love this! Thanks for sharing, whatsnottaken!
Sure thing! Modding is what brought me to PC from consoles to begin with, I always love when developers release mod tools or simply make the game very accessible, so thank you guys! Gonna try to update it a bit today, just adding the thorny vines around the item slots and maybe changing the text a little.

I've got a character replacement idea too, but I want to talk to the people who it will represent and see if they would allow it first. Then have to learn better pixel art :P I like the little changes though, it's nice without changing the whole game.
Wow, lots of simple but tedious work! All item UI elements now have thorn vine outlines, same download updated. Not sure about the lettering, I think the color should show fairly well, but not fully tested yet. Funny aside, I just unlocked the crown of thorns, had no idea that was even an item before starting this! ESPFTW!

Some screens so you can see the look:
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