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Does anyone know if the online multiplayer mode brought by the Synchrony DLC allows to play multiplayer between a player who bought the game on steam and one on gog ?

Thanks for your replies.

I purchased the SYNCHRONY DLC on steam so far. The reason was for the multiplayer. In game, i walk into the stairs for Multiplayer, and it shows an available games list, and you can click on which ever game you want to try and join. The description currently on GoG is Local LAN, or online by IP address. As much as I loved the 90's, typing in IP addresses for games that I am not sure where I would even find them (where would I go to browse all availalbe games?). I much prefer buying here on GoG, but for now, the easy of joining games put me on Steam. If the GoG version has the online games browser built in, please comment, and/or GoG, update the game description, as I would much prefer to puchase here, but also, just want to be able to play a bit with others. If it's not available, can it be changed to not available YET please devs.

Sorry, I had to ask for a refund for Synchrony DLC due to the same confussion the OP had. Currently, it only support direct IP games.

The main point of the DLC is the multiplayer. I was thinking it would support crossplatform multiplay AND direct IP, not just direct IP. For that, I could use a software like Parsec to play remotely with other people. The lobby that Steam users have is quite useful for people like me, I don't know any friend with this game, so I need to join or host to other people in a lobby.

Instead I prefer to save my money for Amplified when it's on sale. I will purchase again Synchrony when it supports true crossplatform multiplayer, like other games do (Streets of Rogue, Airships conquer the Skies... etc)
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Hi, thanks for the feedback! We've added experimental support for lobby-based multiplayer and GOG/Steam cross-play in version 3.1.4. You should now be able to join public lobbies hosted by Steam users, and conversely, public GOG-hosted lobbies are now joinable by Steam clients.

Feel free to give the new multiplayer features a try, and let us know how they work!