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Running Amplified, v2.59.

I use a Bluetooth XBox One controller, and usually have no issues with most games and emulators. For example the D-Pad is automatically recognized by OpenEmu as "North/South/East/West".

In Necrodancer, I can set the dpad directions in controller setup for movement (shown as ButtonXX, xx being a pretty high number), but then in the game, it seems that only Left is actually recognized. It would seem that there's something truly strange going on.

Given the nature of the game, I prefer having two sets of controls for each hand. So even though XYAB can be used, I really don't consider the controller supported unless I can also use the dpad... On the kb I use wasd and arrows together. I see there were also reports of controller issues on Linux. I wonder if the developers are still active on this game - if so, some major fix to the controller code would be SO welcome.
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