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So this one's a bit silly, i accidently left that first station without getting the fuel. I was clicking around on the system map without realizing it was going to take me there. "No biggie" I thought "I'll just go back". Only you can't go back. And when you start a new playthrough the robot talks to you as if you're picking up where y'all left off. I know this probably won't affect gameplay much but i find it irksome.

Is there any way to get a truely new and fresh playthough? I tried removing the save data from the "save0" folder, didn't work, I tried doing the same with the clound sync off, didn't work, tried it with the cloud sync on moved the flies exited the game and then turned cloud sync off before i started back up, still didn't work. Any ideas? or am i just gonna have to redownload it?
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There's a "Reset all data" button in the options menu.